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Who doesn't love sitting out by the fire on a brisk fall evening surrounded by friends and family making smores?

Wood Burning

Wood burning fire pits can be an easy and cost effective way to add a fun element to your backyard. Wood burning fire pits can be constructed from square or round pre cast concrete fire pit kits, or natural stone to provide a more custom earthy feel.

Square Wood Burning FP.jpeg
Round Wood Burning FP.jpg
Natural Gas/ Propane

Natural gas or propane fire pits are an alternative to wood burning fire pits, that provide the glow and warmth of a fire without having to worry about wood or cleaning out ashes. Natural gas fire pits can be connected to your homes natural gas supply and can be constructed from pre-cast fire pit kits or custom built to suit your needs and space. Propane fire pits are an alternative to natural gas that allows you to have a gas burning fire pit without the natural gas supply. Propane fire pits are also a great alternative to putting a fire pit anywhere. It can be fueled from a hidden propane tank that is located in the ground near the fire pit. This allows you the flexibility of having a fire pit anywhere you want.

Round Belgard Gas Fire Pit.jpg
Square Gas FP.jpg

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