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Water Features

Water Features are a great way to add another dimension to your landscape and supplies the soothing sounds of running water.

Natural Stone

Water Features can be built using the natural contours of your landscape and constructed from natural native stones. Natural water features can be constructed as large or as small as you would like with waterfalls, babbling streams, and ponds at different levels. Natural water features can be built Pond-Less or with a pond to support fish and vegetation.

Water Feature 1.jpg
Water Feature 2.jpg
Pondless Pots

Bubbling pots are a popular choice in water features. Bubbling pots provide the sound of running water, while being a low cost and low maintenance alternative. Bubbling pots can be purchased in all shapes, sizes, and colors that can be configured multiple ways.

Spilling Pot WF.jpg
Pot WF.jpg
Basalt Columns

Basalt is a natural stone that is mined locally in the Northwest. Basalt Columns can be drilled down the center to allow for water to be pumped up through the middle and create a bubbling pond-less water feature. Basalt columns can range any where from 8" to 20" in diameter and from 1' tall up to 7'. 

Basalt Column WF 2.jpg
Basalt Column WF.jpg

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