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Spokane's dry season starts in June and runs through October with little to no rainfall. Therefore an efficient, well running irrigation system is imperative to having a beautiful lawn or a thriving garden. Irrigation installation is offered as a part of landscape installations.


FLI is on the cutting edge of irrigation technologies. This allows us to install lawn and drip irrigation systems that are extremely water-wise and will be reliable for many years. FLI's irrigation systems include the highest quality of materials and irrigation installation practices, including PVC mainlines, valve box shut-offs for isolation, fabric lined valve boxes, multi-valve manifold systems, double-swing arm risers to sprinkler heads, and anti-siphon drip systems. FLI uses many different manufactures of irrigation products, but our main materials are manufactured by Rainbird and Irritrol.

Valve Box.jpg

PVC Mainline & Valve Manifold 

Valve Box with Gravel.jpg

Fabric and Gravel Lined Valve Box

Valve Box Silted In.jpg

Non-Fabric Lined Valve Box

WA Contractors # FOOTHLL799BH

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