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Spokane's dry season starts in June and runs through October with little to no rainfall. Therefore an efficient, well running irrigation system is imperative to having a beautiful lawn or a thriving garden.


FLI is on the cutting edge of irrigation technologies. This allows us to install lawn and drip irrigation systems that are extremely water-wise and will be reliable for many years. FLI's irrigation systems include the highest quality of materials and irrigation installation practices, including PVC mainlines, valve box shut-offs for isolation, fabric lined valve boxes, multi-valve manifold systems, double-swing arm risers to sprinkler heads, and anti-siphon drip systems. FLI uses many different manufactures of irrigation products, but our main materials are manufactured by Rainbird and Irritrol.

Valve Box.jpg

PVC Mainline & Valve Manifold 

Valve Box with Gravel.jpg

Fabric and Gravel Lined Valve Box

Valve Box Silted In.jpg

Non-Fabric Lined Valve Box


FLI offers a wide variety of irrigation services, that start with a comprehensive start-up to the season, and ends with a thorough winterization of your system. FLI also offers maintenance visits throughout the season to keep your irrigation system running at its peak performance.

Irrigation Technician.jpg

Start-up includes pressurizing the system, starting at your backflow preventer and each valve. Each zone will be operated from the controller and ran long enough to ensure heads are operating properly. FLI's technician will provide you with a detailed report including price to repair any discrepancies found during the start-up process.

2024 Prices - 1-4 Zones- $75.00

                       5-8 Zones- $85.00

                       9-12 Zones- $95.00

                       Call for pricing on more than 12 zones.

Irrigation Technician 3.jpg
Back Flow Certification

In Accordance With Washington Administrative Code (WAC 246-290-490) Spokane County  requires annual backflow testing. 

FLI is pleased to offer a certified backflow test.

2023 Backflow Testing

$75 for Standard Service (includes testing and certification paperwork)

$50 if the backflow is required to be dug out (before and after pictures will be provided)


Winterizing your irrigation system is an important step in ensuring your system will not freeze over the winter. FLI offers a winterization service that runs through the entire month of October. FLI will open each zone one at a time and use a pressure regulated air compressor to remove water from your lines and heads. Valves and Petcocks on your backflow preventer will be opened and left open over the winter to allow for any remaining water left in valves and backflow to drain and not crack the most expensive components of your system.

2023 Prices - 1-4 Zones- $70.00

                       5-8 Zones- $80.00

                       9-12 Zones- $90.00

                      Call for pricing for more than 12 zones.

Irrigation Service.jpg
Irrigation Service.jpg

WA Contractors # FOOTHLL799BH

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